In enacting the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) in 1970, the California Legislature declared the quality of the environment to be a matter of ongoing statewide concern. These laws were put in place to ensure transparency and accountability in public agency decisions that affect the environment and to require agencies to publicly disclose environmental effects and identify feasible project alternatives and mitigations that avoid environmental harm. The goal is to protect California's environment by informing the discretionary land use decisions of elected officials.

In our office Rachel Mansfield-Howlett is our expert environmental attorney-at-law. She works closely with individuals, community groups and environmental organizations. She has years of experience with CEQA comliance and has an impressive record of success in obtaining the outcome sought by her clients. She can help you through the often complex public hearing phase of pre-litigation project approval and she regularly comments on all types of CEQA review documents including categorical and statutory exemptions, mitigated negative declarations and EIRs.

At Provencher & Flatt LLP, we can handle small and large environmental cases and will always explain your legal options clearly and simply.