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Within a divorce or legal separation, spouses would have to deal with child custody and visitation issues, division of property, alimony (spousal support), and child support payments. Consult with a credible Santa Rosa child custody lawyer if you need help with child support.

Federal child support laws are in place both for people paying and collecting child support. You must note that the court has jurisdiction over how long child support orders may last. Child support may continue for children until they become 18 years old or older or graduate high school.

If you wish to learn more about these things, contact us at Embolden Law PC Consult with a credible Santa Rosa child custody lawyer. A local attorney experienced with divorce and family law cases can respond to your legal questions.

Who Receieves Child Support Payments in California?

Child support is deemed payable to another parent after establishing paternity or if a child is adopted. Keep in mind that there is a presumption of parentage in a divorce action. The couple who had a child while married are presumed to be the biological parents of the said child. However, there are also cases when paternity action is pursued.

An alleged father has a right to a genetic paternity test. A laboratory compares swab samples from both the child and the parent. Genetic markers are used to either match or exclude the alleged father. Our California family law attorneys can explain all these to you and fight for you as you go through your child support case.

If you are considering filing for a divorce in California and are worried about alimony, child support, child custody matters, contact us at Embolden Law PC. A seasoned Santa Rosa child support lawyer in Santa Rosa, CA, can provide reliable legal representation and advice. Call us at 707-284-2378 today to schedule a consultation.

Get legal assistance from a credible Santa Rosa child custody lawyer today!

Child Support Laws in Santa Rosa, CA

Parents ought to fight for fair financial allotment for their children. Our hands-on California family lawyers can help you know more about how child support works. We can also help you understand how the court can enforce a child support order and how a custodial parent can collect overdue payments.

In the context of divorce proceedings, the Family Court can set child support effective upon the date of the initial filing. If there is a change in the circumstances, you could modify a child support order. Such modification may be made retroactive (specifically to the date of filing the notice of motion). Additionally, suppose the modification of the child support order is due to unemployment. In that case, the modified order may be made retroactive to the date of service of the motion to modify support.

Given ideal circumstances, divorcing parties are open to discussing, negotiating, and compromising to arrive at a fair agreement. This, however, is not always the case. If you have problems with an ex-spouse who is not paying child support or needs assistance for child support enforcement, seek legal help from a seasoned California child support lawyer.

Get legal assistance from a credible Santa Rosa child custody lawyer today!

Dealing with Child Support Issues in California

Child support guidelines may vary from state to state. In California child support cases, establishing and enforcing child support orders is primarily done by the California Department of Child Support Services. In general, the main factors that determine the child support amount include:

  • percentage of time that the non-custodial parent spends with the minor children
  • gross amount of total wages from each parent
  • applicable deductions

If you wish to clarify how to determine the correct amount of child support given your circumstance and situation, call us at Embolden Law PC. A diligent Santa Rosa family law attorney will be glad to explain relevant statutes under the Family Code in California and provide the legal assistance you need. Call us at 707-284-2378 today to schedule a consultation. Get legal assistance from a credible Santa Rosa child custody lawyer today!

What Things Are Considered in a Child Support Case?

If a married couple is going through a divorce or legal separation and children are involved, a significant parenting concern is who will pay child support. Our experienced Santa Rosa CA family law attorneys have worked on numerous child support cases. They can help you understand how to calculate child support and how courts establish and enforce a child support agreement.

Not many are aware of the impact of child custody and parenting time and child custody on guideline child support. It would be good to remember that the guideline formula considers the total amount of time that the child spends with each parent. In general, the parent who received full custody is spending more money caring for that child. This would mean that if both parties have the same income, the parent who spends less time caring for the child would likely have to make child support payments.

It is best to seek legal advice from professional Santa Rosa child support lawyers who can help you with complicated family law matters in California. Call us at 707-284-2378 to schedule an appointment.

Determining Child Support Payments in California

Individuals concerned must comply with all federal and state laws on child support collection. However, the actual process of determining income when setting support for a child is not as straightforward.

Under the Family Code, “gross income” includes:

  • wages, salaries, and bonuses
  • unemployment benefits and workers compensation benefits,
  • disability insurance benefits and Social Security benefits
  • interests, dividends, pensions, and annuities
  • trust incomerents, commissions, and royalties
  • spousal support received from an individual who is not part of the child support proceedings

You must also note that the court can order an unemployed parent to make job contacts. Upon determining that a parent has the opportunity and ability to earn income, the court can impute or assign an income amount to a parent. This is used to calculate child support even if such income is not being earned.

Under Family Code, you must make certain deductions from the gross income to determine the net disposable income. Applicable deductions would generally include

  • job-related expenses
  • federal and state taxes
  • mandatory retirement benefits
  • mandatory union dues
  • deductions for health insurance
  • child or spousal support being paid in another case.

Get legal assistance from a credible Santa Rosa child custody lawyer today!

Consult a Reliable Santa Rosa Child Support Lawyer Today!

In both uncontested and contested divorce cases, the best interests of the child are given top priority. In most cases, parents wish to emotionally and financially support their children, even after a dissolution of marriage. However, if your ex-spouse refuses to make child support payments ordered by the family court, it is highly recommended to seek legal advice.

When an individual is ordered to be paid, the main question is: how much child support should you receive? In general, the family support division makes use of the State of California online calculator. Since there is a rebuttable presumption on the correctness of the guideline child support figure, courts will generally not deviate from the said amount.

For legal assistance on filing or bringing court child support cases, contact our Santa Rosa bankruptcy and family law firm by calling us at 707-284-2378. Call our Santa Rosa family law firm so we can help you with your financial and legal concerns today.

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