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Are you concerned about your current custody arrangement? Your primary goal is to do what’s best for your children, but your current situation doesn’t allow that. You want to pursue a parenting plan and visitation schedule designed for the best interests of your children. Let us help you through this process with our Santa Rosa parenting plan and visitation attorney. We will guide you in developing the right plan. Contact our law office at Embolden Law PC for a free phone call with our parenting plan attorneys today!

Why Do I Need a Santa Rosa Parenting Plan Attorney?

Parenting plans and visitation can be very complicated, and the help of a Santa Rosa parenting plan lawyer can go a long way to making sure you get it right. Parenting plans must address many family law issues, including child support, custody and visitation, health care, education, and time-sharing. A Santa Rosa family law attorney has experience with these matters.

A Santa Rosa visitation attorney will also know how to arrange everything in your plan so that everyone knows what is expected of them and how the children will be cared for.

What Makes for a Good Santa Rosa Parenting Plan Attorney?

What makes a good parenting plan lawyer? This is an excellent question to ask. After all, you are hiring visitation lawyers to help you with the most critical thing there is—your children’s future. When looking for a Santa Rosa parenting plan attorney, keep these things in mind:

  • Knowledge of the law
  • Experience
  • Strong record of success
  • A willingness to seek a fair agreement
  • Familiarity with your family and situation

An experienced attorney will be familiar with your family and situation so that they can represent your interests well. However, these qualities aren’t enough to determine whether or not someone is a competent parenting plan attorney.

A skilled lawyer will also have a strong record of success, and they should be able to point you to client reviews that can attest to their abilities. A reliable attorney will also have a reputation for fairness, which means that they are willing to fight for you but should also be inclined to seek a fair agreement if one can be reached.

Finally, your child custody lawyer must be familiar with your family. They need to know the details of your situation so they can best advise you on how you can work together as parents moving forward.

Call Embolden Law PC now if you’re looking for a family law attorney in Santa Rosa. We have years of experience working with families in California and would be happy to discuss how we can help.

What is a Parenting Plan and Visitation?

Parenting plans, sometimes known as custody and visitation agreements, specify how time will be divided between parents and how significant decisions for a child or children will be made. They are written agreements; therefore, both parents must sign them, and the court must approve them.

A typical parenting plan in California will cover these two main areas:

  • Physical custody: A time-sharing schedule will determine the time the kids spend with each parent.
  • Making decisions: A roadmap for decision-making will outline how important decisions about the kids’ education, health, and welfare will be made.

No matter what information you and your ex-spouse or other parent choose to include in the parenting plan, it’s crucial to utilize wording that cannot be interpreted. The court will approve a parenting plan more quickly if it is written in clear and precise terms. A Santa Rosa visitation attorney is frequently hired by partners (or ex-partners) to help them draft their agreements.

At Embolden Law PC, we have assisted many families in creating individualized parenting plans that suit their particular needs and maximize the benefits to their children.

What is Parenting Time?

When children are separated from their parents, the court usually wants both parents to be involved with them. Parenting time is the time each parent spends with their child. It does not matter who has legal custody or what type of custody; parenting time is equivalent to visitation time.

Divorce and custody proceedings are complicated and affect vital legal rights. It is best to seek legal counsel from a child custody attorney.

What is a Visitation Schedule, and Why is it Necessary?

The judge will establish a specified visiting plan as part of the custody order unless both parents consent to reasonable visitation (or the court demands it).

Because the order conditions are non-negotiable, visitation arrangements avoid unnecessary arguing or court filings between parents. In other words, if a custodial parent refuses to allow a noncustodial parent and child visitation, the parent can petition the court for enforcement.

While each case is different, each visiting schedule is extensive and includes the following information:

  • where will the child live; 
  • which parent has visitation rights, including dates and hours;
  • where the youngster will spend vacations, holidays, and birthdays;
  • provisions for make-up parenting time (including a late policy, which is usually 30 minutes); 
  • transportation regulations, such as who is responsible for transporting the child to and from visitation; and
  • any other measure the judge considers essential to prevent future issues with the parents.

A typical visitation plan would include rotating weekend overnight visits, alternate school breaks and holidays, and extended summer vacation visitation. However, your timetable will differ depending on your situation.

How Do I Modify an Order for Visitation?

No matter where you live, courts prefer the stability of all children. Therefore, parents must present a case in court to change custody or visitation. As with any custody-related issues, the court will accept the new agreement and include it in a new order if you and the other parent agree to modify the conditions of visitation, and it won’t be detrimental to the child. You must ask the court to review and tweak the order if you cannot agree.

Even though modifying visitation requirements is much simpler than changing custody requirements, the court may refuse to alter your order. State-by-state procedures vary, but the parent requesting a modification must show that circumstances have changed and that the order no longer serves the child’s best interests.

You must submit a formal request to the court if you need to change the visitation schedule.

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Being a good parent is hard enough. It can be even harder when you’re going through a divorce. Too often, parents underestimate the stress and time-consuming nature of managing family law issues.

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