Employment law covers a vast area of work related matters:


  • Wages, hours worked, and work contractual agreements
  • Safety and health standards
  • Health benefits, work benefits, and retirement plans
  • Overall working conditions
  • Industry specific situations

Though laws are set by the State and the Federal Governments, we approach each legal situation individually. We believe our clients have unique situations and that they need representation to the full extent of the law.

When it comes to employment law requests, we often see employees though we may also assist employers. Everybody's story is unique to them and we take great care to listen to you, what happened that made you consider legal actions and what we can do to help sort it out.

Since we offer complimentary consultations in our office, we recommend that you email us immediately to set up a date and time to review your employment law questions or call us at (707) 284-2380. Our employment law attorney is happy to help.