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Family law covers various legal issues that directly affect a family. Our Santa Rosa family law attorneys can assist you resolving legal matters on:

Other matters that deal with families or domestic relationships.

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Getting a divorce is both a difficult experience and a complicated process which impacts your life in many different ways especially emotionally and financially. You need an experienced and committed attorney who truly listens to you, guides you through the legal process, explains the implications of a divorce (division of marital property, parenting plan, alimony amount, etc.) and protects your rights. In our office Roz Batemen-Smith is such an attorney!

Santa Rosa Divorce Attorneys

She represents divorcing couples as well as parents experiencing child support or custody problems. Roz Batemen-Smith can represent men and women seeking or going through a dissolution of their marriage or a legal separation. Roz Bateman-Smith listens to her clients and she vigorously represents them before the Family Law Court.

If you are thinking about ending your marriage or are already in a family law proceeding, schedule a consultation with Roz Batemen-Smith today by phone at 707-596-6641 or by email at [email protected].

Child Custody & Child Support

At Provencher & Flatt LLP, we understand how to work with parents to tone down the anger and hurt and do what is best for the child. We can help develop of comprehensive parenting plan that will benefit the child or children as well as both parents. Child custody is even more delicate than an actual divorce. Sometimes relocation of one parent to a new area happens, other times the parents are no longer able to communicate calmly, but often times we find that the parents want what is best for their child.

Santa Rosa Child Custody Lawyers

Roz Bateman-Smith can help make sense of the family laws that pertain to child custody and assist you in what can be a complicated and stressful legal process.


Alimony can be assigned to women or men and, since every family situation is unique, the amount of the payments will differ. We can help those seeking alimony from their ex-spouse and we can also work to protect assets and savings from unfair alimony.

Regardless of your family legal needs, we can help you navigate through the legal process and make sure that your rights are protected. We make ourselves available by phone, email and in person so do not wait any longer and contact Roz Bateman-Smith or our office today. A family law attorney will be available to speak with you about your case.

We also assist in resolving legal matters on tax issuesfamily lawbusiness lawreal estateworkplace investigationsemployment law, as well as financial disputes and litigation in Santa Rosa and communities more around Sonoma County, California.

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