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Family law covers various legal issues that directly affect a family. Our Santa Rosa family law attorneys can assist you in resolving legal matters on:

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Getting a divorce is both a difficult experience and a complicated process that impacts your life in many different ways especially emotionally and financially. You need an experienced and committed attorney who truly listens to you, guides you through the legal process, explains the implications of divorce (a division of marital property, parenting plan, alimony amount, etc.), and protects your rights.

What types of divorce are there?

With an uncontested divorce, both parties agree not to dispute any issues like child support payments, division of property, child custody, or visitation and parenting time. In these situations, no formal trial is needed. You do not need to make an appearance in family court.

An uncontested divorce can be relatively simple. Still, it is vital to have an experienced attorney who has your best interests in mind. Without skilled counsel, you may lose out on legal rights you never knew you had.

No-Fault divorce is the most common type of marriage dissolution. Traditionally, if a person applies for a divorce, they need to prove the other party’s wrongdoing. Adultery or cruelty are examples of grounds for divorce.

On the other hand, a no-fault divorce does not require proof of misconduct. The only requirement is that one party does not want to proceed with the marriage and the explanation may simply be irreconcilable differences.

A simplified divorce is also called “summary dissolution.” It is an uncontested, no-fault divorce with no disagreement between the parties involved. There are different requirements to undergo this type of divorce. The spouses must have lived in CA for no less than six months and they have to represent themselves.

A simplified divorce is rare, but it is usually applicable to marriages that did not last long and in which the partners’ lives were not fully enmeshed.

A Limited Divorce works like legal separation in that the couple is granted time to divide assets and resolve custody concerns before the divorce becomes permanent. One party must live apart and refrain from having sexual relations with each other or others. The marriage is not annulled, and each individual’s marital status stays unaffected.

Santa Rosa Divorce Attorneys

She represents divorcing couples as well as parents experiencing child support or custody problems. Douglas Provencher can represent men and women seeking or going through a dissolution of their marriage or legal separation. Douglas Provencher listens to her clients and she vigorously represents them before the Family Law Court.

Divorce and family law can be complicated. If you are considering ending your marriage or are already in a family law proceeding, schedule a consultation with our skilled Santa Rosa divorce lawyer.

Child Custody & Child Support

At Embolden Law PC, we understand how to work with parents to tone down the anger and hurt and do what is best for the child. We can help develop a comprehensive parenting plan to benefit both the child or children and parents. Child custody is even more delicate than an actual divorce. Sometimes, the relocation of one parent to a new area happens, and other times, the parents are no longer able to communicate calmly, but oftentimes, we find that the parents want what is best for their child.

How Are the Details of Child Custody and Support Finalized?

First, we need to determine the child-sharing schedule. Mediation gives you the most control over the outcomes of the child support negotiations. It is also the least expensive option and does not affect your or your children’s emotional well-being.

We will work with the other side on matters such as travel responsibilities, extracurricular responsibilities, vacations and holidays, and places of exchange. Child support payments and visitation rights can also be negotiated here. Ideally, everything can be resolved at this stage to avoid further litigation.

If the negotiation cannot reach a mutual agreement, then be prepared for a custody battle as it becomes a contested divorce. Litigation is often very stressful. Not only can it take an emotional toll on your child, but it will also cost more and take a long time to resolve. Our savvy divorce attorney can be your legal representation through these divorce proceedings, ensuring you and your child receive the best possible outcome in the courtroom.

Types of Custody

There are different types of custody and what is best for your child depends on a case-to-case basis.

Legal custody determines who gets to make decisions for the betterment of the child. This includes decisions such as:

  • Mental health, psychiatric, or therapy needs
  • Religious activities
  • Schooling

If parents share joint legal custody, both parents share the responsibility to make such decisions. On the other hand, if one parent has sole legal custody, they have the right to make these decisions that the non-custodial parent cannot make.

Physical custody refers to who the child gets to live with most of the time. With a joint physical custody, the child gets to reside with both parents for significant chunks of time, though not necessarily an equal 50/50 split. The parent who spends more time with the child is the primary custodial parent.

Santa Rosa Child Custody Lawyers

Embolden Law PC family law attorneys can help make sense of the family laws pertaining to child custody and assist you in a complicated and stressful legal process. Call our Santa Rosa law firm today to schedule a consultation with our child custody attorney.


Alimony can be assigned to women or men, and since every family situation is unique, the amount of the payments will differ. We can help those seeking alimony from their ex-spouse, and we can also work to protect assets and savings from unfair alimony.

Our experienced Santa Rosa family law lawyer has extensive experience with divorce cases. We can help you with any legal issue you may have with alimony and spousal support. Call us today!

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