When there is a financial dispute, people and businesses often do not know if they should seek legal advice from an attorney or try to solve it on their own. At Provencher & Flatt LLP, we have assisted countless clients figure out a positive outcome to their financial dispute. Without an experienced financial dispute attorney advising you and/or representing you, you may not be able to obtain full compensation or, worst, you may lose money.

It is a possible that mediation is a viable way to resolve a financial dispute. We provide legal advice as well as lawsuit and mediation services. When you meet with us, we will let you know which option is best suited for your dispute and what the possible outcome may be if you decide to move forward with our recommendation.

Financial disputes can vary in the amount disputed and the type:

  • Personal contracts between individuals: Sale and purchase of a vehicle, services rendered or received, etc.
  • Banking agreements: With a bank, a credit union or private lenders.
  • Loan agreements: Inability to repay a loan, product malfunction while under loan repayment, etc.
  • Multi-credit loan arrangements: Co-signing for a vehicle and failure of one of the co-signers to pay, letter of credit, etc.
  • Claims related to a bankruptcy, foreclosure, short sale, etc.
  • Leasing: Equipment leasing, renting an apartment, deposit and refunds, etc.
  • Being obligated under a guaranty for another person or business loan.