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Are you thinking of filing for divorce in California? Going through divorce can be complicated, especially when you’re dealing with the emotional and legal challenges it entails on your own. Our Santa Rosa divorce lawyers can help make your divorce process easier and assist you in getting the best outcome for you and your family.

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Grounds for Divorce

You may have heard terms like “irreconcilable differences,” “mental cruelty,” and “adultery” in reference to grounds for divorce. The term “grounds” refers to the reason you are seeking this legal dissolution of your marriage. Our Santa Rosa divorce lawyers can help you understand the divorce process and assist you in filing for divorce in California.

In most states, there are multiple grounds for divorce. California is a “no-fault,” state meaning there is no need to show any wrongdoing by either party. The fact that one party considers the marriage irrevocably broken means that a divorce can take place. No-fault divorces are available in all fifty states. Most divorces are granted on such “grounds,” even though other grounds may exist.

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Paternity & Legitimation

Sometimes it is necessary to determine the father of a child in a family law dispute. Embolden Law PC is committed to doing everything possible to protect and defend our client’s rights. Some of the paternity and legitimation services are:

  • Father’s Rights
  • Parental Legitimation

Child Support

The determination of child support in California depends on a number of factors and relies upon the expertise of your professional legal team. The Embolden Law PC is well versed in obtaining results for our clients under California’s Child Support laws. Some of our Child Support services include:

  • Child Support Negotiation
  • Modifications in Child Support
  • Paternity relating to Child Support
  • Child Support Enforcement

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