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Divorce is a complex, life-changing ordeal. Numerous complications come with divorces of this magnitude. You will have to discuss child custody, division of assets and debts, and how to divide these up over a long period fairly. You will have to go through the emotional aspects of expressing your feelings of inadequacy during this period and your personal feelings of betrayal when marital infidelity has occurred.

This type of divorce is best left in the hands of an experienced Santa Rosa high asset divorce attorney. Someone who is not afraid to fight for what you deserve in front of a judge who will be much more understanding and sympathetic than you or your soon-to-be ex-spouse. To get through this period with everyone’s best interests in mind, you must speak to an attorney specializing in a high-asset divorce.

Embolden Law PC law office is here to help you through this challenging time in your life. Call us today and talk to one of out family law experts!

California’s Asset Division Law

California is a state that adheres to community property law. Each spouse owns one-half of the marital property and one-half of the marriage debt. Things get more complicated, however, when assets that were already owned before the marriage are used to make more money during the marriage or when interest in future investments is bought during the marriage.

It needs an expert attorney to safeguard your interests and ensure that property is divided fairly.


High Asset Divorce Attorney Santa Rosa, California

Understanding the parties’ assets is simply one component of the challenge. There are also different kinds of assets. Typically, community or marital assets refer to property earned or gained during the marriage. However, prenuptial agreements may have explicit provisions stating the opposite.

Individuals’ separate assets (or non-marital property) often comprise the following:

  • Before the marriage, one partner had property.
  • Inheritances obtained by a spouse before to or during the marriage
  • Gifts received by a spouse back to or during the marriage
  • Property acquired under one spouse’s name is legally separated or purchased with one spouse’s assets to keep separate

Occasionally, assets that would be deemed separate (or non-marital) property have been commingled with marital property. Typically, high-net-worth people must track separate assets following a divorce if they were ever commingled with marital property. If both parties have correct paperwork outlining their separate and community assets before a divorce, it may reduce some of the common complications.

Which Assets Contribute to Divorce Difficulties?

Numerous different forms of assets might transform a divorce into one involving a high net worth couple:

  • Homes for primary, secondary, and vacation
  • Properties for investment
  • Businesses
  • Stocks, including restricted stock units for early employees, executives, and founders
  • Bonds and other financial investments
  • 401(k)s, Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs), pensions, and other accounts
  • Intellectual property
  • Automobiles and boat
  • Horses
  • Jewelry
  • Additional complicated assets

How to Determine Whether Your Spouse Is Hiding Assets

It is typical for couples to lose confidence in one another throughout a divorce process. Collecting as much financial information as possible, as soon as possible, is a good idea. This is true regardless of whether you suspect your spouse is hiding riches.

If you discover substantial money transactions, account amounts that are notably different from what you expected, or unfamiliar account information, these might be evidence of hidden assets.

Do High Asset Divorce Attorneys differ from Family Lawyers?

Our Santa Rosa divorce lawyers  at Embolden Law PC, realize that not all divorces are made equal since no two marriages or their financial makeup is the same.

That’s especially true for divorces with a lot of money and the lawyers who work on them. High-asset divorce attorneys can look at more than the standard things that family law attorneys have to look at, like a family home or checking and savings accounts, to figure out how the couple’s debts and assets will be divided throughout their divorce.

They look into more complicated holdings that high-asset couples have, like businesses owned by both spouses, and how each party will be affected by unique tax issues. They also look into how each party will be affected by the businesses going forward.

Our high-asset divorce attorney in California, doesn’t leave anything to chance when we handle our clients’ complicated divorce cases because we know that the outcome of our work will have a significant impact on their physical and emotional. Financial lives after the divorce are over.

Find the Right High Asset Divorce Attorney

Hire Only Attorneys Who Have Handled High-Asset Divorces

Even if they were praised, you would not seek care from a regular doctor if you required cancer therapy. They may be the most exemplary health professional, but without specific education, training, and experience, they are unlikely to be the best option for cancer treatment.

The same is valid for divorce attorneys. You may retain the services of the most outstanding divorce attorney in your neighborhood. However, if they lack expertise in high-net-worth divorces, the chances are set against you. To effectively assist you in achieving your objectives, they must know your assets, their potential influence on a divorce, their tax consequences, and various other factors of a high-net-worth divorce.

In general, lawyers handling high-asset divorces should be familiar with the following:

  • Out-of-state assets
  • International assets
  • Detecting concealed assets
  • How asset division may affect taxes
  • Businesses that are solely or partly owned as assets
  • Business valuation
  • Accounting for forensic purposes
  • Appraisals of real estate
  • Qualified domestic relations orders (QDRO)
  • Benefits for employees, such as stock options and deferred compensation
  • Support for the spouse in connection with self-employment compensation problems

You want a competent divorce attorney who will care for your marriage’s financial circumstances and who has the time and desire to assist you in getting copies of all your financial paperwork. A high-asset divorce lawyer should be able to collaborate with forensic accountants, company valuation specialists, and other professionals to provide the best possible divorce settlement and post-divorce life.

How Does a High Asset Divorce Attorney in California Approach Their Cases?

People who get divorced with a lot of money usually have a lot of money and a lot of complicated financial holdings, like bank accounts, real estate, jewelry, and art.

During high-asset divorces, the division of assets still has to be done. However, the value of these assets can also include business holdings and other significant assets that can’t be easily divided without the help of a divorce lawyer. One who can find all of the money and assets in a marriage and speed up the process of finding any hidden resources that let our team figure out if they are community or separate property.

At Embolden Law PC, our high-asset divorce lawyers in California will work with experts who can help you figure out how well your marriage is doing financially.

Among the specialists are:

  • Forensic Accountants
  • Experts in Value Assets
  • Investment Professionals

Talk to a Trusted High Asset Divorce Attorney in Santa Rosa!

By combining the skills of our high asset divorce lawyers and competent financial specialists, Embolden Law PC can establish innovative solutions that will help us to resolve the financial concerns in your case promptly.

We offer a wide range of services to meet your needs. We provide effective family law representation and use proven strategies to achieve the best outcome possible. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you in your legal matter!

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