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Filing divorce cases, whether it is a contested or uncontested divorce case, is not easy. This is particularly true when going through a divorce with children involved since their best interests are put at the forefront. What most people fail to realize, however, is that family law practice is not limited to divorce. Consult with a credible Santa Rosa legal separation lawyer from Embolden Law PC if you wish to explore your options fully. A local attorney experienced with divorce and family law cases can help you decide on the best path to take.

The best way for the family court system to protect their legal rights is to file for legal separation for some married couples. The legal process, however, can be pretty confusing. Some, for example, are confused with the difference between a separation agreement and a marital settlement agreement. Some are confused with what the term dissolution of marriage means. It is crucial to seek legal advice from a reliable Santa Rosa legal separation lawyer if you are considering legal separation.

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Why You Need A Santa Rosa Legal Separation Lawyer

Legal separation refers to a legal action filed by a married person (or domestic partner) who wishes to stay married (or in the domestic partnership) and hopes to resolve other legal issues. However, given all the required forms and paperwork, experienced legal aid is necessary for such a filing. You must carefully evaluate available options. A legal separation lawyer in Sonoma County, CA, can help you assess your situation and decide the best course of action to take. Call us at 707-596-6641 to consult with our law firm.

Every situation is different, and no two couples have the exact needs and goals. Depending on the actual circumstance, there are various ways to obtain a fair and equitable outcome from your filing, be it through courtroom litigation or negotiation and settlement.

A seasoned legal separation lawyer in California can make the process as painless and straightforward as possible. For child support guidelines, child custody laws, and relevant state law on spousal support (alimony) to be strictly followed, reliable legal representation from a family law and legal separation lawyer  is crucial. 

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Filing for Legal Separation in California

Legal separation is a process that is similar to divorce. In very simple terms, filers live separately from one another without changing their marital status. According to ยง 2310 of the California Family Code, one can pursue legal separation based on either irreconcilable differences or incurable insanity.

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A legal separation can be described as a court order that mandates the rights and duties of couples still legally married but is living apart. It is often applicable for couples who are not ready to terminate their marriage but want to be considered separated, particularly for legal and tax liability purposes. Filing for legal separation will not terminate any life or health insurance. Still, couples can use it to separate the property and debts of the parties involved so that they are no longer legally responsible for each other.

If you are currently considering a legal separation or are not sure of whether you should file for legal separation or divorce, consult with trusted Santa Rosa family law attorneys. At Embolden Law PC, we are committed to helping our clients take the most appropriate course of action. Our legal separation lawyers will work personally with you, discuss your current situation, and guide you as you decide on the steps that you will take. 

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Factors to Consider in a Legal Separation Case


Technically speaking, a legal separation does not end a marriage. It is possible, however, that couples can make legal separation into a divorce petition. If you’re planning to file a divorce, consult with a reliable legal separation lawyer.

Some spouses may choose legal separation when they are unsure of completely severing the marriage since it is not a legal action with as much finality as a divorce filing. It is also a viable option when one spouse needs to maintain legal status, such as for immigration or health care purposes. 

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California family law requires at least one person in a marriage to have been a resident of the state for a minimum of six months and a resident in the county where they file a legal action for a minimum of three months. Some couples who do not meet residency requirements may choose to initiate a legal separation since no residency requirement is involved.

Consult with a reliable Santa Rosa legal separation lawyer to know if you’re qualified to file for a legal separation in California. Call us at 707-596-6641 to schedule a consultation with our experienced legal separation lawyers at Embolden Law PC.

Property Division

When necessary, agreements on the division of marital property are generally handled during the separation. If spouses cannot reach agreements, a court may decide. If you need help with dividing your marital property, seek the legal advice of a Santa Rosa legal separation lawyer.


Family law matters related to child custody and visitation may be decided as part of a separation if children are involved. Legal separation lawyers can help you with your child custody arrangements and visitation rights.  


If a marriage has not been dissolved through divorce, neither of the spouses involved can remarry or enter into a domestic partnership.

If you’re considering filing for a legal separation petition, don’t hesitate to connect with our Santa Rosa legal separation lawyers at Embolden Law PC.  We are experienced in handling different family law cases, such as divorce, child custody arrangements, and spousal support. Call us at 707-596-6641 to schedule a consultation.

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For clarifications on any of the above, seek assistance from a law firm experienced in legal separation actions filed in California. Call us at 707-596-6641 to speak with our dedicated Santa Rosa legal separation lawyers and Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 bankruptcy lawyers from Embolden Law PC.

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