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Regardless of how long you have been married, getting a divorce is a difficult experience. But you don’t have to go through it alone. Our experienced Santa Rosa family lawyers and divorce attorneys at Embolden Law PC have the compassion to guide you through the divorce process, deal with child custody cases, and protect your family rights in California. Call us at 707-284-2378!

Bankruptcy and Family Law, Santa Rosa, CA

At Embolden Law we carry a unique advantage: we are skilled in both Bankruptcy and Family Law. Unfortunately, we know from experience that Bankruptcy and Family law often go together and it is our goal to make sure you survive them both with as much support as possible.

Whether you are in need of family law or bankruptcy, our team at Embolden law will be a strength for you during this uncomfortable time. We lead with compassion, empathy and years of experience with the goal of securing your future in mind. Our goal for both family law and bankruptcy remains the same, to help our clients find a quick resolution to their legal situation with the maximum results possible.

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Are you tired of dealing with creditor phone calls and unpaid bills? We get it. Facing huge amounts of debt puts you in a financially and emotionally draining situation.


We understand that regardless of how long you have been married, getting a divorce is a difficult experience. But you don’t have to go through it alone.

Douglas Provencher


Douglas Provencher has applied his litigation experience and expertise to help his clients throughout the California Bay Area. His background includes representing individuals and businesses in contract disputes, insolvency cases, professional liability lawsuits matters and more.

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What My Clients are Saying

Doug Provencher was everything that we needed during a nasty divorce. He was definitely the level headed and patient one who kept us all on track to let the cards fall and let the other party shoot themselves in the foot and lie over and over. When you’re the honest one it’s really hard to sit back and be patient but Doug was confident and assured us we didn’t do anything wrong so we didn’t need to do extra work or get flustered. In the end it’s done and over with… we got away from the most evil person I’ve ever met and she can go get her 5th husband and take everything he has; because she will. Doug literally kept our sanity for us and was the peace we all needed. I highly recommend him for any legal help you need.
Joy Rise
Joy Rise
I can not say enough nice things about Embolden Law PC and it's sister company, . My sister was going through a horrid divorce with a Narcissist who also filed 3 civil suits on her for almost 4 years. Doug Provencher, Roz Bateman-Smith and Deana Hopper were there for her in so many ways that I can not begin to count them. They are professionals in every way, and the best attorneys I have ever known, they go above and beyond what most attorneys do, they gave my sister strength and hope and evenutally gave her back her life! I am so grateful for them and would highly recommend them for any divorce or Bankruptcy, this team is simply the best!!! Thank you again!
Kelly De Hoff
Kelly De Hoff
Working with an attorney as knowledgeable, experienced, and kind as Doug put our minds at ease and helped us through a very difficult time. Highly recommended.
Deborah Walton
Deborah Walton
Doug Provencher goes above and beyond for his clients. He recently assisted us in a legal matter which required evening and weekend attention in order to reach a Monday morning resolution. He never once made us feel that we were imposing on his time and made us feel like we were his only priority. He is not only incredibly knowledgeable in the law, but also ethical and caring. So grateful to have found him!
Jeffrey Madura
Jeffrey Madura
If you are in a situation that feels like a tidal wave call Douglas!! He truly is a life saver!!! I was looking at over 200,000.00 in tax debt it was the most horrific experience of my life. Doug was there for me and my family. He is highly professional very friendly. His advice saved a lot of assets and stressful nights. Rest assured if you need a good tax lawyer this is the guy to call!!!
Ethan Styles
Ethan Styles
My expectations were truly exceeded. The staff was courteous, compassionate and most of all competent. I would definitely recommend this firm.
Qiana Brown
Qiana Brown
I have worked with hundreds of lawyers over my years in business, including some of the top law firms in New York City, such Sherman & Sterling, Sullivan & Cromwell, Arnold & Porter, and White & Case; and Clifford Chance in London. Never have I met or worked with an attorney such as Doug Provencher. When I first contacted Doug he gave me several minutes of counsel, not on the clock, and then suggested I may not even require legal services. That was quite an experience and was telling of Doug’s character. He is more concerned with the well-being of his client than he is about billing hours. I found that very rare. I decided right then he was the lawyer I wanted to represent me. I retained Doug and he was incredibly helpful and professional, as was his paralegal, Deana. You can’t find better legal counsel than Doug. I highly recommend !
Gary E
Gary E

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Couples, individuals and children count on Embolden Law PC to help them through complex, personal matters—involving marriage, domestic partnership, adoption, divorce, child custody, visitation, military, valuation, bankruptcy, parentage, and more.

Whatever legal issues you’re facing, our experienced California lawyers at Embolden Law PC can help. If you are not sure whether hiring an attorney is the best move, just get on a free phone call with our attorneys and we’ll help you find solutions to your problems!

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At Embolden Law PC, our Santa Rosa Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 bankruptcy lawyers have decades of experience dealing with California residents, and standing before judges and juries in State and Federal Courts. We help individuals and businesses get a fresh financial start.

Though we serve clients across the state of California, we truly love helping residents of Santa Rosa, Sonoma County and the North Bay, CA. If you are unsure if you need a lawyer or not, simply give us a call so that we can assist you determine if you need an attorney and if you have a legal case.

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A Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a simple way to eliminate medical bills, credit card debt, personal loans, and other unsecured debts. Learn if you are eligible for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Consult with our Santa Rosa bankruptcy attorneys.


A Chapter 11 bankruptcy allows you to restructure your business finances to get debt relief. Ask our Santa Rosa bankruptcy attorneys how you can start repaying creditors through a payment plan!