What Percentage of Adoptions Fail

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A married couple with no children will likely choose to adopt and look for a baby for adoption. However, infant adoption laws that adopting parents must comply with can vary from state to state. Aside from where you live, the legal process will also depend on the type of adoption services that you will opt for.

An adoption can fall apart at different stages of the legal process and for different reasons. If you are one of the many prospective parents who wonder how often and why adoptions fail, consult with a trusted Santa Rosa family law attorney before proceeding. He or she can help explain independent adoption options, help you fill out adoption forms, and give you possible scenarios that you must prepare for.


Overview of the Private Adoption Process

Unlike when an adoption agency is involved, privately adopting a baby enables adoptive parents to form a personal relationship with the birth parents (usually the birth mother, but sometimes even birth father) of the would-be adopted child. However, before fulfilling your new parental obligations, you will likely need to first deal with lots of paperwork and pay for medical expenses (in the case of a newborn adoptee). Alternatively, depending on the age of the adoptive child, necessary adoption counseling must be taken care of. In all these things, a reliable Santa Rosa adoption attorney can give you legal advice and supervision.


Basic Adoption Requirements

Families adopting children must take into account various guidelines, which can partly depend on the adoption service that you will choose.

An unmarried person may opt to become a ‘single parent’ through adopting children, while a married individual who wants to adopt a child must first obtain the consent of his or her spouse. Same-sex and LGBT may also proceed with the process of adoption, as long as marriage requirements are met. However, cohabiting unmarried couples will generally not be allowed to adopt.

Aside from looking into the marital status, an adoption agency would usually set a minimum age of 21 years old for individuals planning to adopt children. For private adoptions, however, the general requirement is for at least one of the adoptive parents to be at least ten years older than the would-be adopted child. There is no upper age limit observed.

Fingerprinting and criminal background checks are also part of adoption home studies. Having a felony conviction in one’s criminal history will not automatically prevent an individual from adopting a baby. However, you would have to instead go through agency adoption and the court will carefully examine your case and specific circumstances.


Unsuccessful Adoptions

Although failed adoptions are, thankfully, not common, several adoptive families and children have to go through this ordeal. It is estimated that about 10% of adoptions fail between placement and finalization. Additionally, around 1-3% fail after finalization or are dissolved. Dissolutions often occur when the adopted child has problems that his or her adoptive parents are not equipped to support.

Adoption failures are, in general, more likely to occur in older-child adoptions. Social workers estimate that less than 1% of infant adoptions fail, but this number increases to 30% for teenager adoptions. If you are adopting a teenager or pre-teen, it is best to prepare for expert psychological support before homecoming, both for yourself and the child that you want to adopt.


Factoring One’s Readiness to Reduce the Likelihood of Failed Adoptions

Part of the adoption home study requirement is your medical records, which should show that you are mentally and physically capable to adopt a baby. Adoptive families must also submit to their home study professional their financial statements. An adoptive family must be financially stable and capable of providing for the living expenses and other basic needs of the child.

The adoption journey of an individual, couple, or family will always be unique. While emotional readiness is not easy to verify, it is crucial when adopting a child. Such readiness can be seen if couples agree on adoption expectations and parenting methods when the preference for a biological child and grief from infertility or unsuccessful pregnancies are dealt with, and after possible post-adoption relationships with the birth family of the child are communicated.

Emotionally preparing for the adoption process and raising adopted children is not easy, but it will be worth it. Every child deserves a nurturing and loving family — a forever family.

For clarifications on the above, for an explanation of the difference between open adoption and closed adoption, or inquiries on domestic adoption, foster care adoption, or international adoption, call our adoption law firm. Contact us at Embolden Law PC LLP and consult with a credible Santa Rosa family law attorney. We can help you learn the process of how to adopt and give the adoption information you need.

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