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If you do not pay your taxes in full, the IRS or State will send you a bill. If you do not pay, the IRS or State will start the collection process. This could have a terrible impact on your life and finances. Our tax resolution attorneys at Embolden Law PC can help.

Once a taxpayer is in the collection process, the government has the ability to seize their property to satisfy your tax liabilities through collection activities. However, there are alternatives available to a taxpayer to work with the government to pay or resolve tax obligations.

Santa Rosa Tax Resolution Attorneys

Our Santa Rosa tax resolution lawyers know what to do to help you. Whether it be a payment plan, a settlement, having the amount due deemed uncollectible or discharging all or part of it in a bankruptcy proceeding, our attorneys at Embolden Law PC will help you find the best way to address and resolve your tax issues.

We offer a complimentary consultation. Call us at 707-596-6641 to get in touch with our Santa Rosa bankruptcy attorneys and tax resolution lawyers today.

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