Most employers sooner or later will be faced with the need for workplace investigation and/or mediation. There are many State and Federal Laws that govern such procedures and Provencher & Flatt LLP is available to assist you through the legal process. Some disputes may be:

  • Human resources related
  • Discrimination or harassment complaints
  • Violations of company policies
  • Safety and health related
  • Substance abuse
  • Vandalism, negligence, and even theft.

Attorney-at-law Gail Flatt is well versed in employment and workplace laws. She has represented numerous employees and employers in employment disputes, discrimination and disability cases. Applying her expertise, she conducts neutral factual investigations for public and private employers in Santa Rosa, Sonoma County and across the State of California. Once Gail Flatt has the facts, the employer will know how to proceed according to the law.

Gail Flatt also brings her years of experience to bear on employee-employer disputes through efficient mediation. As a neutral party, she knows how to work with each side to explain the facts and the law. With this knowledge, the two sides are often able to resolve their dispute without resorting to the courts. Successful mediation saves both sides money and, more importantly, results in a resolution without the emotional cost of litigation.