My house has cracked everywhere and is only 5 years old. Who is responsible?

Responsibility of cracks on walls or other similar building issues can fall on the original general contractor, the developer, the seller or no one at all if this is proven to be caused by forces of nature. Do not try to evaluate who is responsible on your own. It takes a team of legal experts and industry related experts to determine the exact cause of your building problems. We can help you with the process and have a large network of inspectors we work closely with.

My neighbor is saying that our new driveway impedes on his property and is going to sue us if we do not remove it.

It can be scary when a person frightens you with a lawsuit. The truth is often time neighborly matters can be resolved amicably via legal mediation. In some more drastic situations, you need to hire a lawyer to defend you in small courts or regular courts. Your attorney should understand not only real estate laws but also laws that might be involved in your specific situation.