Sometimes problems are not solved and escalate into lawsuits. This process is called litigation. Provencher & Flatt LLP has the expertise to help you either prosecute your claim or defend yourself against a claim. The attorneys of Provencher & Flatt have decades of experience in State and Federal Courts before judges and juries.

We are not afraid to go to court. When we have to go to court, we always proceed with your best interest as the primary objective. We do not argue over non-essential matters. Instead we focus on the goal and the most effective and efficient way to get there.

When a lawsuit is the only recourse to proceed, we make sure we have what it takes to win your case and that the experience is as painless as possible for you, your family or your business.

If you want to discuss the pros and cos of going through with a lawsuit, contact us and we will explain the process and the possible outcome.