My spouse wants a divorce but I do not. What can I do?

In the US, we have what is called "no-fault" divorces which means that if one spouse wants a divorce, they cannot be stopped from doing so. Unfortunately you cannot stop the divorce proceedings. You can try to ask your spouse for a cooling off period after which he or she can reconsider the divorce or you could have a friend or spiritual leader speak with your spouse. Either way you should meet with your own lawyer to make sure your legal rights are protecting.

My ex-spouse has stopped paying alimony. What can I do?

We can help you! It can be a difficult situation financially and emotionally for you and your child and immediate legal action should be taken. Our attorneys will first speak with you, review the final judgement that was made during your divorce or child custody dispute and then advise you on your legal options. Once we have the facts, we can guide you through the process and represent you as your family attorney. You are not alone; call us today at (707) 284-2380.

My ex and I have shared custody of our teenage daughter and she wants to live with him full time.

Children, especially during their teenage years, can cause issues to the decision that was made legally regarding their custody. Often times, unless someone files for a petition for modification of the child custody agreement, no legal action is needed. We can recommend some different steps you and/or your ex-spouse could take to ensure a continuation of the agreement. In such delicate situations, we highly recommend you meet or speak with us so that you can understand the legal implications of your teenager's decision.