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Douglas Provencher

Douglas Provencher | Attorney-at-law

Practice Areas

   Debtor and Creditor Rights
   Trial Practice
   Bankruptcy Litigation
   Financial Litigation

Since 1977, Douglas Provencher has applied his experience and expertise to helping his clients throughout the California Bay Area. His background includes representing individuals and businesses in contract disputes, insolvency cases, professional liability lawsuits, real estate matters and more.
Selected to Super Laywers:  2007-2018


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Gail Flatt

Gail Flatt | Attorney-at-law

Practice Areas

   Employment Law
   Business Litigation
   Disability Discrimination (Deaf Rights & Disabled Access)
   Real Estate Litigation

Before receiving her law degree in 1982, Ms. Flatt had a fourteen-year career as a teacher and probation officer. Those experiences gave her insight into human nature and what motivates people. She approaches cases by finding out what people need and then helping them develop a strategy to get it.

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Janis Grattan

Janis Grattan | Attorney-at-law

Practice Areas

   Civil Appeals and Writs
   Complex Motions
   Trial Briefs
   Legal Research and Analysis
   Motions and Appeals being handled in-house

Janis H. Grattan, UCLA Law School graduate, has practiced appellate law in California for over 30 years. Her practical experience and knowledge of appellate procedure in the Courts of Appeal and Federal courts has led to a record of success in litigating over 70 civil appellate matters.

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Rachel Mansfield Howlett

Rachel Mansfield Howlett | Attorney-at-law

Practice Areas

   Environmental Law

Rachel Mansfield-Howlett is a public interest environmental attorney. She represents environmental and citizen groups throughout the State in public interest cases concerning land use laws and the enforcement of California Environmental Quality Act including emergent issues in climate change.


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Roz Bateman Smith

Roz Bateman Smith | Attorney-at-law

Practice Areas

   Family Law
   Custody and Visitation
   Child and Spousal Support
   Domestic Violence Restraining Order
   Mediation Services
   Property distribution
   Grandparent visitation
   Restraining Orders

A native of Sonoma County, Ms. Bateman Smith provides skilled legal services that include a listening ear for clients and a strong knowledge of courtroom operations. She likes louboutin damesko very much. Many years of employment with the Sonoma County Superior Court gives her a unique perspective on the courts and the practical side of practicing law.


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Deana Hopper

Deana Hopper | Paralegal

Practice Areas

   Disability rights
   Personal injury
   Construction law

Deana Hopper is a litigation paralegal with over 25 years of legal experience. Deana joined Provencher and Flatt in January 2000. Ms. Hopper practices litigation in the areas of disability rights, personal injury, bankruptcy, employment, business, collection, and construction law.

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