• Bankruptcy services in santa rosa


    In bankruptcy your needs are more than just a fresh start. We work with consumers to eliminate debts, keep their property and reboot their finances. We also work with businesses which are considering filing for bankruptcy. ...

  • legal finance disputes

    Financial Disputes

    When there is a financial dispute, people and businesses often do not know if they should seek legal advice from an attorney or try to solve it on their own. At Provencher and Flatt, we have assisted countless clients figure out a positive outcome to thei ...

  • Appeals


    Even though an appeal is an extension of litigation, its much different then a trial and requires a specific skill set. A trial lawyer may know how to skillfully lead a jury to understand your case, but an appellate lawyer can do much more. ...

  • Family Law

    Family Law

    Getting a divorce is a difficult experience. You need an experienced attorney to listen to you, guide you through the process and protect your rights. Family law covers a variety of matters from divorce, child custody, alimony, and much more. ...

  • Work Place Investigation and Mediation Services

    Workplace Investigation & Mediation

    Our law firm is well versed in employment and workplace laws. We represent employees and employers in employment disputes, discrimination cases, disability cases and more. Applying our expertise, we conduct neutral factual investigations. ...

  • employment law attorney

    Employment Law

    Though employment and labor laws are firmly set by the State and the Federal Governments, we approach each legal situation individually. We believe our clients have situations that are unique to them and that they need defending to the full extent of the ...

  • Environmental Law

    Environmental Law

    Rachel Mansfield-Howlett works with individuals or groups to protect the environment. She has years of experience representing environmental protection groups to make sure the developer or the public agency comply with the rules and laws in place ...

  • real estate lawyer north bay area

    Real Estate Law

    Typically real estate law covers ownership of a home, building or land but also leasing, construction, timeshare and other matters related to real estate. Some of the situations we defend for our clients have complex elements that only an experienced real ...

  • Litigation


    Sometimes problems are not solved and escalate into lawsuits. Provencher & Flatt LLP has the expertise to help you either prosecute your claim or defend yourself against a claim. Provencher & Flatt LLP has decades of experience in state and federal court ...

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