Bankruptcy is a legal process at the assist consumers or businesses to eliminate or restructure their debts. There are many types of bankruptcy and the team at Provencher & Flatt can help you evaluate which one is best suited for your unique situation. The analysis may be complicated and our bankruptcy attorneys are here to help you.


In bankruptcy your needs are more than just a fresh start. With more than three decades of experience, bankruptcy attorney Douglas Provencher works with consumers to eliminate debts, keep their property and reboot their finances.

If you are a consumer with too much credit card debt or unpaid medical bills, Douglas Provencher has the experience to help. Stop the collection calls and letters. Protect yourself and your family with the fresh start established by the United States Congress.


If you are a small business with a problem bank loan or too much trade debt, Douglas Provencher may help. He has worked with small businesses, corporations and partnerships across the State of California to either completely eliminate, reduce or restructure their debts.

The solution may be a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, a repayment plan under Chapter 13 or a reorganization under Chapter 11.

Douglas Provencher also assists individuals or small businesses to protect their rights as a creditor in bankruptcy cases. If you get a notice of bankruptcy, it is very important that you do not ignore it and contact us right away. Your rights are at stake and we may help you to protect your rights.

Since April 2002, the California Board of Legal Specialization of the State Bar of California certified Douglas Provencher as a "Specialist in Bankruptcy Law". He is also certified as a “Super Lawyer” in Bankruptcy.



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