Provencher & Flatt attorneys have counseled the Sonoma County community for more than forty years. Our hearts go out to all of our neighbors, friends, colleagues and clients. All too many have suffered incomprehensible losses. Our community’s recovery will be a long difficult process. We are here for you and we want to provide you with useful information.

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Law Offices of Provencher & Flatt

Our team of experienced attorneys combines decades of experience serving businesses and individuals on various matters of law. Our goal continues to be to help our clients find a quick resolution to their legal situation with the maximum results possible.

  • Bankruptcy

    In bankruptcy your needs are more than just a fresh start. With more than three decades of experience, Douglas Provencher works with consumers to eliminate debts, keep their property and reboot their finances. If you have too much credit card debt or unpaid medical bills, we can help.

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  • Litigation

    Sometimes problems are not solved and escalate into lawsuits. Provencher & Flatt LLP has the expertise to help you either prosecute your claim or defend yourself against a claim. Provencher & Flatt LLP has decades of experience in state and federal court before judges and juries.

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  • Appeals

    Even though an appeal is an extension of litigation, it is much different than a trial and requires a specific skill set. A trial lawyer may know how to skillfully lead a jury to understand your case, but an appellate lawyer knows how to present a case to judges, not a jury.

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  • Workplace Investigation & Mediation

    Our law firm has great experience in employment and work place law. We can represent employees or employers in employment disputes, discrimination and disability cases. We believe in neutral factual investigations for public and private employers.

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  • Real Estate law

    Typically real estate law covers ownership of a home, a building or land but also leasing, construction, timeshare and other matters related to real estate. Some of the situations we defend for our clients have intricate elements that only an experienced real estate law firm like ours can handle. Hiring the right lawyer can save you time, frustration and money.

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  • Environmental Law

    In enacting the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) in 1970, the California Legislature declared the quality of the environment to be a matter of ongoing statewide concern. These laws were put in place to ensure transparency and accountability in public agency decisions that affect the environment.

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  • Family Law

    We all know that getting a divorce regardless of how long you have been married is a difficult experience. You need an experienced attorney who listens to you, guides you through the process and protects your rights. Our attorneys have the expertise you need to assist you.

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What sets us apart from other firms

We hire the best and brightest attorneys covering numerous aspects of the law from business law related matters, to real estate and family law issues.

  • Five Professional attorneys
  • Decades of experience
  • Lawsuits & settlements
  • A proven record of success
  • Personalized approach
  • Mediation services
  • Handle numerous legal issues
  • State and federal courts
  • #1 in customer service!

Our legal services at a glance

We are licensed and experienced in a broad range of legal services.

  • "Roz Bateman Smith came highly recommended to me by a close friend and attorney when I found myself in need of a Family Law attorney. I was impressed by the experience Roz has in working in the Family Law court system before getting her law degree. All experience and knowledge of Family Law showed as she worked for me in my situation.

    Roz not only proved to be an excellent attorney she is an awesome person. Roz listened to me and was truly concerned for my wellbeing and looked out for my best interest.

    I would highly recommend Roz and her super-efficient staff to any one in need of a Family Law attorney!"

    Family Law
  • "Roz has gone above and beyond for my son and me. Roz has been very practical and realistic in explaining what we hope to achieve and reiterating the possibility that things may not go the way we want, or that we will get everything that we ask for. Thanks to her hard work we have been granted everything we has asked for and then some. Going to court has been an overwhelming and sometimes frightening experience for me. I am so grateful to have found someone who truly cares about the welfare of my son and myself. Roz always responds in a timely manner and has even made extra calls to check in and see how we are faring with new arrangements made in court. I very highly recommend her."

    Family Law

Serving California

Though we serve clients across the state of California, we truly love helping residents of Santa Rosa, Sonoma County and the North Bay. If you are unsure if you need a lawyer or not, simply give us a call at (707) 284-2380 so that we can assist you determine if you need an attorney and if you have a legal case.

We keep the process easy making sure we explain in clear terms the type of lawsuit you may have, how long it may take to resolve and the possible outcome.

Commonly Asked Questions

  • I am not sure if I have a case. Can you help me?

    Absolutely. Our experienced lawyers can assess the legality of your situation and let you know if you have a case or not. We may also be able to estimate know how much your case may be worth, how long the process will be and what will be required to win.

  • My issue was several years back. Can I still file a lawsuit?

    It depends on the type of lawsuit you have. The statute of limitations, which is the deadline for filing a lawsuit, is different per case and per state. We offer free consultations to evaluate if you still have time to file. "Time is of the essence" so call us today at (707) 284-2380.

  • I work in San Francisco, live in Santa Rosa and have a labor dispute. Can you help outside of Sonoma County?

    Yes. We are licensed to assist clients across the state of California. Each US state has its own labor code in addition to federal laws. At Provencher and Flatt, we have extensive experience in dealing with employment issues of all sorts.

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